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Social Media Marketing


bc3f11_3dbec793a08ffb05f99b19f8ab7a9de0[1]The fact is that our websites reside in the social space of web and all the rules of civics applies to our website too. It is imperative that our website is perceived as a contributor of some value for the web citizens. Social media marketing is umbrella term for all activities which enhance the popularity and interaction of your site with other sites and within the various social networks in the web space.

Social media can relate to any type of media which is user generated and it is consumed and distributed by the users in turn. Some popular social media tools are – RSS feeds, Bookmarking, Blogging, Video sharing, Photo sharing, article contribution, press release etc.

What do we get out of Social Media Platforms?

Social Media platforms like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn provides your business with a launching pad to start a conversation within the potential customers. Thus, the key to SMM is the conversation which is initiated within the members of the social network – These self sustaining conversations become a catalyst for viral marketing.


The pundits of web strategy have coined another term for websites which are highly optimized from a social
angle – Social media Optimization (SMO). Well, SMO is the process behind a good Social media marketing strategy. This can include anything –


  • Bookmarking of the most compelling contents of your website

  • Interesting viral videos for YouTube and other Video sharing sites

  • Submitting eye-catching slides on Slide Share

  • Creation of SQUIDOO lenses

  • Exchanging Blog links for Blog Rolls 

What we Offer…

Public Relations Done Right (PRDR) understands the changing nature of Web and its guidelines of acceptable content. We know that
every product or service is unique and it takes completely unique approach for marketing it on the social networks which includes:

  • Creating viral content for different social networks – Youtube, Flickr, Article Submission   sites, Slide Share Facebook, MySpace, Orkut

  • Create perfect strategy for Blog marketing, RSS marketing and widget marketing

  • Participate in relevant Q & A groups

  • Submit Podcasts to different directories