Blogging is an Excellent way to Market your Online Business

BLOGGINGis a way for you to share and talk about a topic that people can visit online

So why not share and talk about MCA?

Talk about everything, the income potential, the benefits.  Provide a way for them to contact you to get more information including your name, e-mail, phone number etc.  By the way, if you don’t want to give out your PERSONAL phone number, head over to GOOGLE VOICE and you can get your own phone number that you can forward to any other number, complete with built in voicemail, texting and more.

As you begin to have more success with MCA, start documenting your progress from the beginning to your current state.  Include screenshots of your payments, pictures or descriptions of MCA’s benefits helping you or others out.  Include videos about MCA (preferably from you own YOUTUBE account or likewise so you can include you own contact info

It also helps if the site you create your blog on allows, to create a CALL TO ACTION towards your capture page, or a form they can fill out to e-mail you.

Once you’ve developed your blog, you can begin promoting this on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… shoot even MySpace)

A great place to build a blog which is SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY is Blogger . Blogger is owned by Google so Google LOVES  If you already have a gmail account created, you can head over there and start building your blog ASAP!