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We believe a web site should be a remarkable experience for any web surfer. We combine both form and function to deliver effective web sites that make sure every page is worth your surfers’ time and bandwidth. Full Featured Web Site – Dynamic content, high quality graphics, interactive menus, online forms, integrated web applications & flash animations are some of the features we will incorporate into your web site. We won’t hold back on anything. Project Management – Projects are managed online. We provide our clients a system to optimize production time for each project by supplying up-to-date monitoring and a more effective communication platform.


Our Web Design capabilities go above and beyond the competitors for many reasons, but most importantly because we are a group of students who are up on the new trends of Graphic Design and Website functionality. We will provide a storyboard presentation to paint the picture of how your website will look and feel once launched. A website is like your business card; now a days everybody has one, but unless it is pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, and gets to the point very quickly; you wont be doing very much business… In todays day and age you want a website filled with unique and creative content that will allow your audience to discern whether or not they want to do business with you. At PRDR we’re not all students, some of us have been in this industry for decades and have been involved with the first websites ever designed. A lot of people can design websites in todays day and age. The thing that separates us from those other people is we dominate when it comes to story boarding, planning, creative and unique content writing and setting you up for success on the ranking scale through preparation for blogging and your business own content creation for social media.

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